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RV slideout Sweep


Save your RV slideouts from damage with this amazing tool!

The RV Slideout Sweep is a handle attachment that you put between a broom head (for sure with those broom handles and heads you find in hardware stores that are threaded to be twisted together). Effectively this is a big plastic "U" that goes between them so that, when you're standing on the ground, the broom head is parallel to the ground.

How to use the RV Slideout Sweep

Watch the videos below to learn about the assembly and usage of the RV Slideout Sweep


The RV Slideout Sweep can be used with many types of broom heads (up to 36" wide)

See examples below:

A Word on Broom Heads

In our testing with different types of broom heads, we have found that, while you can use a typical shop/push broom type head with a handle hole that goes all the way through the head (pictured below), we don't recommend them. They can be difficult to screw on to our sweep attachment. The shop brooms with a closed off hole are acceptable.

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